Emerging scientific consensus finds life of all types thrives when naturally occuring Deuterium Oxide is removed at the molecular level: See this recent meta-analysis of peer reviewed studies (quoted below) on Deuterium-depleted water(DDW)/"Light water" comparing it to normal planet-wide water that has Deuterium Oxide at ~150 parts per million:

Biological effects of DDW

Contrary to D2O, water with the reduced deuterium content (deuterium depleted water, DDW) exerts a positive effect on metabolism. Experiments on animals [21] demonstrated that at the consumption of water with decreased content of deuterium pigs, rats and mice provide a larger number of offspring, upkeep of poultry from 6 day old to puberty on DDW leads to the accelerated development of reproductive organs (size and weight) and strengthen the process of spermatogenesis, egg laying by hens is increased by almost half, wheat ripens earlier and gives higher yields. DDW delays the appearance of the first metastasis nodules on the spot of inoculation of cervical cancer, and exerts immunomodulatory and radioprotective effect [22].

Radioprotective effects of DDW were studied by W. Bild [23], V.S. Turusov [24] and D.V. Rakov [25] at irradiation of mice’s cells by -radiation at semimortal dose LD50. Survival level of animals treated with deuterium depleted water for 15 days prior to -radiation, was 2,5-fold higher than in control group (dose of 850 R). The surviving experimental group of mice has the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes in the blood remained within the normal range, while in the control group the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes was significantly decreased.

Consumption of DDW by cancer patients during or after radiation therapy treatments allows restore the composition of blood and relieve nausea [26]. According to G. Shomlai, the results of clinical trials with DDW conducted in 1998–2010 in Hungary showed that the survival rate for patients drinking DDW in combination with traditional therapies was significantly higher than for patients who only were treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy [27].

Turtle turtlin' on DDW

Biological experiments with DDW carried out in Moscow Research Oncological Institute after P.A. Herzen and N.N. Blokhin with Institute of Biomedical Problems [28, 29], confirmed the inhibitory effects of deuterium depleted water on the process of growth of various tumors, i.g. division of breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7 tumor cells being placed in deuterium depleted water started with a delay of 5–10 hours. In 60% of mice with immunosuppressed immunity and transplanted human breast tumor MDA and MCF-7 consumption of deuterium depleted water caused tumor regression. A group of mice with transplanted human prostate tumor PC-3 consumed deuterium depleted water showed the increase in the survival rate by 40%; the ratio number of dividing cells in tumors of dead animals in experimental group was 1.5:3.0, and in control group – 3.6:1.0 [30]. In this regard special attention deserves two indicators: the delay of metastasis and loss of animal’s weight during experiments. Stimulating action of deuterium depleted water on the immune system of animals has led to delay of development of metastasis by 40% in comparison with the control group, and weight loss in animals that consumed deuterium depleted water at the end of the experiment was 2 times less. It was also reported that deuterium depleted water may delay the progression of prostate cancer [31] and inhibit human lung European Reviews of Chemical Research, 2015, Vol.(3), Is. 135

carcinoma cell growth by apoptosis [32] – the programmed cell death, resulting in fragmentation of the cell into separate apoptotic bodies bounded by the plasma membrane. Preliminary experimental results on motility of human sperm [33], indicated that in DDW (4 ppm) spermatozoa longer retain their functional activity, and it increases with a decrease in the deuterium content of water, whereas the sperm motility is by 40% higher for 5 hours after registration. However, the effect depends on initial properties of a sperm sample. These data indicated that deuterium content variation in water including deep deuterium depletion produces various non-linear isotopic effects on key processes in the cell: enzyme action of Na, K-ATPase, regeneration, motility, fertilizing effectiveness and embryo developing. It should be noted that for any deuterium concentration dependence there should be an optimal condition for the best result. One prominent effect of deuterium depletion is the inhibition of fatty acids as well as the synthesis, chain elongation and desaturation. These anabolic reactions utilize acetyl-CoA, as well as hydrogen of water for new fatty acid biosynthesis [34]. Fatty acids then are used for new membrane formation in the rapidly proliferating cell. The complex structure and molecular organization of the mammalian fatty acid synthase (EC 2.3.1) offer remarkable opportunities with altered morphology and flux handling properties.

The positive influence of drinking deuterium depleted water on blood chemistry included a significant reduction of glucose, cholesterol, erythrocyte sedimentation rates, leukocyte counts and cortisol (stress hormone) levels, while also revealed an increase in antioxidant capacities [35– 37]. These data evidence the significance of deuterium depleted water to increase energy resources even in a healthy cohort, This mouse was alive at the time of Jesuswhile decreasing risks of psycho-emotional stress, which is known to pose a negative influence on blood biochemistries that often lead to psychosomatic diseases and shorten life. It was also noted the positive impact of water on indicators of saturation the liver tissue by oxygen: the observed increase in pO2 was 15%, i.e., cell respiration increased 1,3 times [38]. On beneficial effect on health of experimental mice evidenced the increased resistance and weight increase compared with the control group.

The main impact of DDW on organism is explained by a gradual reduction of deuterium content in physiological fluids due to the reactions of isotopic (H–D) exchange: D2O + H2O = 2HDO. It was recorded the change in the isotopic composition of urine and Ca2+ content as well. Thus, the regular consumption of DDW provides a natural way to reduce the deuterium content in the human body to a value of 110 ppm.

Clinical trials of DDW with a residual content of deuterium 60–100 ppm, showed [39] that it can be recommended as an adjunct in the treatment of patients having metabolic syndrome (hypertension, obesity, impaired glucose metabolism) and diabetes. In addition DDW improves the quality of life for patients having renal stone disease (nephrolithiasis) and various disorders in the gastrointestinal tract (colitis and gastritis), cleanses the body of toxins, enhances the action of drugs and promotes weight correction. DDW can be recommended for fast and deep cleaning of the human body from deuterium that is essential for metabolic disturbances. Taking into consideration the dynamics of the distribution of water in the human body, the reaction of isotopic (H/D and 16O/18O) exchange and the results obtained with DDW, it can be expected that the greatest effect the isotopic purification of water will have on the regulatory system and metabolism.

The total effects of DDW depend on total body mass, total mass of intracellular water, the amount of daily consumption of DDW and the degree of its isotope purification [40]. The results on the calculation of gradual increasing of deuterium content in the human body at regular consumption of DDW with varied residual deuterium content are shown in Table 5. These results demonstrate that the content of deuterium in the human body decreases while consuming DDW. Thus, at the consumption of water with a residual deuterium content of 60 ppm deuterium content in the body decreases after 45 days to 117,3 ppm, and at the consumption of water with a residual content of deuterium 100 ppm – to 131 ppm at 1 liter of water consumption per a day, to 122,6 ppm at water consumption of 1,5 liters of water a day. Hence, the regular taking of DDW provides a natural way to reduce the content of HDO in the human body to a value of 117 ppm.


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edit: New "Deuterium depleted water" appears on the market.  Price is prohibitively exorbitant, intended mostly for cancer patients.  Removing deuterium remains a highly technical molecular process, unaffected by conventional water filters so forget home production for a few decades.