Get a job, hippie!

Attention: The following jobs are being automated and discontinued.  A reminder that even as these jobs expire and are no longer available it is your responsibility to find gainful income.  It is illegal to be in public places at night.  It is illegal to be homeless.  Violators will be prosecuted.  

The following jobs have been discontinued and take over by robots: Cab drivers, uber drivers, truck drivers, agricultural drivers, agricultural workers, employees of manufacturing, restaurant workers, janitors and maintenance workers, forestry workers, construction workers, delivery drivers, travel agents, printing/publishing operators, translators and communications specialists, projectionists, postal workers, parking enforcement personnel, telephone operators and telecommunication employees, soldiers and military personnel, mechanics and repair technicians, more...

This list will be updated regularly as your job is eliminated and you become a burden to the planet.  Get a job hippie.  If your job is as a farmer or another job that is being elminiated, why not go into a high demand field, such as software engineer? 


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