Other Meta Analysis

In Search of the Fountain of Youth -- Preliminary Analysis of Deuterium’s Role in DNA Degradation



Research progress of biological effects of deuterium-depleted water


Determination of Biological Activity of Water Having a Different Isotope Ratio of Protium and Deuterium



Biological effects of deuterium - depleted water



The Isotopic Effects of Deuterium on Biological Objects



Influence of deuterium-depleted water on living organisms



A Cure for Some Cancers?

Deuterium-depleted water (DDW) inhibits the proliferation and migration of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells in vitro



Biological significance of naturally occurring deuterium: the antitumor effect of deuterium depletion



Anticancer Effect of Deuterium Depleted Water - Redox Disbalance Leads to Oxidative Stress



Study of the deuterium depletion water in the cancer medical treatment in Japan



Pre-Clinical and Clinical Data Confirm the Anticancer Effect of Deuterium Depletion



Deuterium Depletion May Delay the Progression of Prostate Cancer



Deuterium Depleted Water Inhibits the Proliferation of Human MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Lines by Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest



Deuterium Depleted Water Effects on Survival of Lung Cancer Patients and Expression of Kras, Bcl2, and Myc Genes in Mouse Lung



Deuterium-depleted water inhibits human lung carcinoma cell growth by apoptosis



Immune System Improvements

Radioprotective and Immunostimulating Effects of Deuterium-Depleted Water

"Auxiliary tests using chemical radiomimetics (hydrochloric embihine) and immunosupressors (cyclophosphamide) showed a strong protective effect of deuterium-depleted water against the decrease of the leukocyte counts and other immunologic parameters. In conditions of experimental inflammation with subcutaneous-implanted pellets, deuterium-depleted water feeding statistically significant increased inflammatory response, obviated by increased percentages of PMN and lymphocytes in the peripheral blood and increased phagocytic capacity of the peripheral blood PMN. Experimental infections with K. pneumoniae 506 and S. pneumoniae 558 in mice irradiated or treated with cyclophosphamide showed increased non-specific immunity parameters. All results show a marked intensification of the immune defenses and increased proliferation of the peripheral blood cells, probably accounting for the radioprotective effects."



Biological effects of deuterium - depleted water

"Animals treated with DDW showed an increase of the resistance both to sublethal and lethal gamma radiation doses, suggesting a radioprotective action by the stimulation of non-specific immune defense mechanisms; - DDW stimulates immuno-defense reactions represented by the opsonic, bactericidal and phagocyte capacity of the immune system together with an increase in the number of poly-morphonuclear neutrophils; - Investigations regarding artificial reproduction of fish with DDW fecundated solutions confirmed favorable influence in embryo growth stage and resistance and following growth stages; - It was studied germination, growth and quantitative character variability in plants; one can remark the favorable influence of DDW on biological processes in plants in various ontogenetic stages."



The effect of the deuterium depleted water on the biological activity of the eukaryotic cells



Effect of Deuterium-Depleted Water on Immunomodulation in Mice



Deuterium - depleted water. Achievements and perspectives

"Deuterium - depleted water stimulates immune defence reactions, represented by the opsonic, bactericidal and phagocyte capacity of the immune system, together with increase in the numbers of polymorphonuclear neutrophils;"



The effects of deuterium-depleted water on bacteria



Radioprotection by pretreatment with deuterated water: cytokinetic changes in the small intestine of the mouse




"The DDW presence in the time of X-irradiation of the animals, reduce significantly the injuries produced by X-irradiation at the liver level, the ultrastructural features being appropriate to Control animals; - the X-irradiation of the animals in the presence of DDW and a total polyphenols extract from cortex of Aralia mandshurica, manifest a strong stressprotector effect;"



Improvements in Cognition and Stress Level

Deuterium-depleted water has stimulating effects on long-term memory in rats



Relation of antistress and geroprotective effects of deuterium depleted water in aging female rats



Deuterium depletion induces anxiolytic-like effects in rats



Deuterium content of water increases depression susceptibility: The potential role of a serotonin-related mechanism.

"Geographical distribution of deuterium correlates with depression rate."

"Deuterium depleted water reduces stress-induced depressive-like signs in mice."

"Finally, in naïve mice, deuterium-depleted water treatment increased EEG indices of wakefulness, and decreased duration of REM sleep, phenomena that have been shown to result from the administration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). Our data suggest that the deuterium content of water may influence the incidence of affective disorder-related pathophysiology and major depression, which might be mediated by the serotoninergic mechanisms."



Genetic Stabilization and Aging Prevention

Anti-aging effects of deuterium depletion on Mn-induced toxicity in a C. elegans model



On the possibility of observing kinetic isotopic effects in the life cycles of living organisms at ultralow concentrations of deuterium



Deuterium-Depleted Water Influence on the Isotope 2H/1H Regulation in Body and Individual Adaptation

"We found the 2H/1H gradient in human fluids (δ2H saliva >> δ2H blood plasma > δ2Hbreast milk), which decreases significantly during DDW intake. Moreover, DDW induces several important biological effects in organism (antioxidant, metabolic detoxification, anticancer, rejuvenation, behavior, etc.). Changing the isotope 2H/1H gradient from “2H blood plasma > δ2H visceral organs” to “δ2H blood plasma << δ2H visceral organs” via DDW drinking increases individual adaptation by isotopic shock. The other possible mechanisms of long-term adaptation is DDW influence on the growth rate of cells, enzyme activity and cellular energetics (e.g., stimulation of the mitochondrion activity). In addition, DDW reduces the number of single-stranded DNA breaks and modifies the miRNA profile."



Estimation of the influence of medium with different isotopic D/H composition on DNA lymphocytes repair

"According to the experiment it was found that incubation in solution with deuterium depleted water of lymphocytes obtained from the blood of the patients with congenital malformations of the maxillofacial area, reduces the number of single-strand DNA breaks by 21–24 %. It has been shown that incubation of lymphocytes in solutions with deuterium depleted water activates DNA repaire system."



Neuroprotective Effects of Deuterium-Depleted Water (DDW) Against H2O2-Induced Oxidative Stress in Differentiated PC12 Cells Through the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway



Submolecular regulation of cell transformation by deuterium depleting water exchange reactions in the tricarboxylic acid substrate cycle



The effects of environmental deuterium on normal and neoplastic cultured cell development



Anti-inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatory Effects of Deuterium-Depleted Water Plus Rosa Damascena Mill. Essential Oil Via Cyclooxygenase-2 Pathway in Rats



Deuterium depletion effects in rats with experimentally induced chronic inflammation



Health and Wellness

Deuterium-Depleted Water as Adjuvant Therapeutic Agent for Treatment of Diet-Induced Obesity in Rats



Studying the Influence of Heavy and Deuterium Depleted Types of Water on Biological Objects

"The positive influence of drinking deuterium depleted water on blood chemistry included a significant
reduction of glucose, cholesterol, erythrocyte sedimentation rates, leukocyte counts and cortisol (stress hormone) levels, while also revealed an increase in antioxidant capacities [Andreeva et al., 2005; Burdeynaya et al., 2012; Olariu et al., 2010). These data evidence the significance of deuterium depleted water to increase energy resources even in a healthy cohort, while decreasing risks of psycho-emotional stress, which is known to pose a negative influence on blood biochemistries that often lead to psychosomatic diseases and shorten life."



It's also good for plants

The deuterium depleted water effects on germination, growth and respiration processes in Zea Mays culture



Influence of deuterium depleted water upon plant organisms